Annick Janson presented at the Flourishing Lives: Supportive Communities and Sustainable Development conference. I was also introduced to other executive members as well as the administrators and conference organizers. The Now and Next approach was saluted and got mentioned during the conference at multiple occasions. I am looking forward to building on our existing connections. Our first opportunities a. Jyrki is the father of two young adults with disability. There is also the possibility of an invitation to present at a Paris social change conference — where Now and Next would have an important message to disseminate. I have made contact with its head and will be sure to be kept in the loop with their projects. Now and Next is streets ahead of what they have accomplished till now.

Politics and protest: part five of songs everyone must hear

Augusto Pinochet takes power backed by the military junta. It would ultimately lead to decolonization of all its colonies, but leave power vacuums that led to civil war in newly independent Lusophone African nations. Martial law declared — Attempted coup in Iran, backed by the United States, to overthrow the interim government , which had come to power after the Iranian Revolution. The Munich massacre takes place at the Summer Olympics in Munich , Germany, where Palestinians belonging to the terrorist group Black September organization kidnapped and murdered eleven Israeli athletes.

Former pro wrestling star “Dirty” Dick Slater — a prolific performer during the s and 80s — has died at the age of The wrestler, born Richard Van Slater, competed across the mid.

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Coral The Coral label was dark red sometimes reddish brown with silver print. Dearborn The Dearborn label was teal with black print, with a pink band near the edge of the label. The yellow Dearborn logo was at the top.

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The 48th in a continuing monthly series. Mike returned to serve as Interim Principal for the school year. Reading was a high priority for him as was Computer Technology and remedial services for those students in need. On April 19, Mike went to school wearing purple pajamas and slippers with his hair dyed purple as well — this was the result of a promise he made to the Elementary School students if they would agree to read a combined 75, minutes those students exceeded that total and read for , minutes — thus the “purple” promise.

Beginning Monday, December 16, , “Morning Announcements,” formerly broadcast to all over the classroom Public Address system, went “live” on classroom televisions on Channel 7 later changed to Channel 5. Among our very first student broadcasters were: He set his students up with an involved class project, then switched places with the substitute teacher next door — thus helping her through a trying situation and keeping both classes on task and actively involved.

What a wonderful thing to do for a colleague and for the educational process!!!

Muslims in the West: Can Conflict Be Averted :: Daniel Pipes

The costs of putting on the gay rodeo are constantly an issue, too. For competitors, the costs can be prohibitive. The PRCA reports that by , half of its competitors had never worked on a cattle ranch, and while back then a third were college-educated, that number has gone up to more than half, with many working full-time day jobs in unrelated industries.

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Over the years I must have spent hundreds of pounds. The typographical treatment of the cover and title page would have been very much up-to-the-minute at the time, reflecting the latest Continental views of print design, all Vienna Succession and sans-serif, and underlining how modern it was in its musical treatment. Brian did not win and so his piece was not heard at Norwich, but he did come second, and when his setting was performed it was at the Southport Triennial Music Festival on 4 October Consequently, he inscribed it to that festival.

I have long thought it possible to rescue Cleopatra if the right person were to undertake the enormous task of re-orchestrating it. Its reappearance, now orchestrated in vivid period style, is thanks to the efforts of composer John Pickard. His realisation is an utterly convincing revelation, and was first heard when he conducted the Bristol University Choral Society and Symphony Orchestra at the Victoria Rooms, Bristol on 12 March Excluding the Dutton historical Brian programme, this is the fifth disc the sixth if you include the Cello Concerto, also recorded at St.

The soloists and the choir were under the tower, immediately behind Martyn Brabbins, the orchestra spread out before him in the nave. The recording took place on three splendidly warm summer days at the beginning of July At the lunch break on the middle day I was delighted when Martyn Brabbins, John Pickard and the cast agreed to a group photograph outside in the sunshine, which I hope gives a good idea of the spirit and vigour they were bringing to the project.

The big day for the soloists in Cleopatra was the second — in fact the first day of recording — but Antony and Cleopatra were also together in the passages not requiring the chorus for much of the third morning.

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Debralee Griffin 19 August 33 is born to Frank H. Her mother is a former vaudeville dancer, professionally known as Margaret Gibson. Her older brother, Frank H. Her older sister, Mareta Eloise, born , will become actress Teala Loring, a. She will become actress Lisa Gaye. When the cameras start, director Delmer Daves decides that a natural Hawaiian waterfall isn’t colorful enough and orders a fake cascade constructed.

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